Who Are We?

We are a vintage vinyl record store, located in Fortitude Valley. We first opened in Bakery Lane back in 2015 but have since moved about 50 meters to our current Ann Street location We stock everything from second-hand and new vinyl records to vintage clothing and wares In order to help promote local bands, we have started to host in-store gigs every Sunday from 3pm We also have our own record label, Late-Century Modern Recordings (LCMR).

Things We Sell


Records (Online!)

Things We Do

Vinyl and cassette transfers, Record collection valuations, Professional record cleaning, Purchase of your unwanted vinyl and cassettes, Bookable venue for live music and artistic performances.

We Also Host Gigs (Weekly!)

The Hidden Lanes Festival 2019 - October 26 (Free Entry)
Cassette Store Day
Francis Plagne / Kitchen's Floor
BIG SOUND Lanes kets - Winn, California and Bakery Lane
Garbage & the Flowers w/ Wonderfuls - final show
Dana Gehrman Phase 4 Records In-store, Brisbane
PORT ROYAL 'Ain't Got You' (AA) Single Tour - Brisbane
Ragtime Frank / Papa Lord God / Angela Dowling
Four Years With You - a shop birthday party
John Kennedy Phase 4 Instore Gig
The Stinkbugs Album Launch
Datson Hughes / Cal Crilly
Compact Disc Fair
An Evening Visit with Peter Milton Walsh
The Pits / SOOT
The Nudists 12" launch - Brisbane Only
Caroline No / Sorry Golden State
Cold Fish Death Party
Lemmings Single Launch
Record Store Day at Phase
The New Middle Class 'For the Sake of the Story' Album Launch
OAF/The Grounds/Minor Surgery
Gerald Keeney & The Gerald Keeney
The Perfect Lovers 20th Anniversary
Sounds Rebound CD Launch
The Dangermen / The Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg
Ultra Material/ia R. Anderson/Clearing House
Phase 4 Xmas DANCE
John Kennedy Solo at Phase
Adele Pickvance And The Chandeliers / Tim Steward
The Wameki / Kitchen's Floor | Swamp Lobsters / Glycereen
Beijing Bikini [SYD] / Stone Cold Fox [SYD] / Gravel Samwidge
Eugene and the Egg play the Velvet Underground.
CDIQ / Comrad Irena Xero
Public Execution / Harsh 70s Reality
Eggvein / Brigate Rosse
Greg Charles & the Ex-Catholics / FFeHRO
Kitchen's Floor / Soot
Joey Cape Lagwagon & Zach Quinn Pears Instore
Down Here #4: The Perfect Lovers & more | Phase 4, Sun. 2/t.
EVOL Fundraiser Rouser
Eugene & The Egg / Cal Crilly
Booth / The Sump
Edward Dregg / Nigel Kimber
The 1000s of 45s 3rd Birthday Bonanz
Datson Hughes / Caroline No / Angela Dowling
A Month Of Sunday
Lucy Dron at Phase 4 record
MIND & Smoking Tigers at Phase 4 Record
IiiConic & Mlapa Pop Up Event
Louis Burdett / Full Fathom One
2 Chevrons / Datson Hughe
The Pits and The Sunday League at Phase 4 instore!
John Kennedy's '68 Comeback Special
Shop Grand Relocation Opening Event
Peter Loveday Live and In Person
Phase 4's 2nd Birthday Jamboree
John Kennedy Instore at Phase 4 Record
Saturday Laneway Session: OJ Mengel, River Heads, Matt Love
He Dark Age LP Launch - Drainways here we come
Johnny Greenwood Live & In Person
Phase 4's 1st Birthday Party with The Leftovers / Public Execution / Just Urbain
Grant McLennan 10th Anniversary
Record Store Day at Phase
Phase 4 Opening Party

Our Label

LCMR is a Brisbane-based recording label with its home base in Phase 4 - a music centre based in the dazzling Fortitude Valley. During the course of 2015, Julie Morrison and I decided to start a record label to release titles we liked. Calling it Late-Century Modern Recordings was a title that just rolled off the tongue with such ease, it sheepishly seemed. If Mid Century cuts off in the mid-sixties then what do you call the era from 1966 to 2000? I guess it's Late-Century!

What's New

Find out what is happening at Phase 4 Records!

New LCMR Release

LCMR-024 THE FREEBRAIN ORCHESTRA - THE BEST OF THE STOOGES C60 A one-sided C60 cassette. Limited to 50 copies only. The Freebrain Orchestra formed in Brisbane in 2017 as a means to turn Bob Farrell’s home recordings into a live setting. Bob used to record albums out of his home studio in the Fraser Coast as the Soundman, Bob Dog and most recently – Bob Freebrain. He had them all mastered at 301 and employing everything it takes to make a ‘proper’ album; the only thing he didn’t do was press up anything you could call quantity and that’s how it’s been for the last twenty years.

New T-Shirts

Madonna Louise Ciccone


Opening Hours

Sunday10:30 - 16:00
Wednesday - Friday10:30 - 17:00
Saturday10:30 - 16:00

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